eBook: It’s Me or the Coupons

Coupons: Your ticket to feeding your family for next to nothing.
Or so you thought…

Maybe you tried the crazy- couponing thing and found out it doesn’t work. Maybe you haven’t tried it yet because you’re concerned about how much time it will take. But you still very much need to save money on your groceries.

This book can help. Written from someone who tried it, failed, and tried it again; it offers tips, strategies, and insights into the world of using coupons to cut your food bill…without it becoming your new full-time job!

You’ll also find other essential and doable  money-saving strategies to add to your arsenal, plus a number of free printable worksheets and planning pages to empower your couponing efforts.

You can cut your food expenses, and you don’t have to be a slave to the coupon game.


It's Me or the Coupons
Needing to save money on your food bill? Thinking about using coupons but not quite sure if it works, or if you have time? This book will help you save money without being overwhelmed.
Price: $10.00